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Крытый батутный парк Bounce

Bounce indoor Trampoline Park is a really fun place to enjoy bouncing and get active. It provides a number of trampolines in different sizes and kind. Guangdong Domerry батут в помещении allows you to jump, bounce and flip. It is not just for the kids; adults can join too! It is a good workout to keep your hearts healthy, and lose some weight!

Enjoyable Features of Bounce Indoor Trampoline Park

Bounce Indoor Trampoline Park has things like a foam pit, dodge ball and basketball dunking treads. A foam pit is a pool of very soft padding underneath where you can jump and flip. You can hop around and enjoy. In the basketball game mode, there is a dunking session that you will jump high and slam down. There is nothing more enjoying than Guangdong Domerry детский батут в помещении!

Why choose Guangdong Domerry Bounce indoor trampoline park?

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