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Operation Specialist

Number of visits: Date:2016年6月7日 11:50

Job description:
1, the collection of users in the product function, the use of habits and other aspects of the views and suggestions, and put forward constructive comments.
2, the activation of silent users, maintain active users, improve the user activity and the degree of adhesion.
3, tap the potential needs of users, and planning online and offline activities, to enhance the user stickiness and income.
4, can make product line of short-term and long-term operation development direction.
5, finishing the background data entry data, the development of data on-line rules
6, writing WeChat promotion copy
Job requirements:
1, college degree or above, with at least one year of experience in mobile Internet operations.
2, have strong logical thinking ability, data mining and analysis ability, sensitive to the business.
3, the Internet products and popular business model has a strong sensitivity, strong sense of understanding, active thinking, good at creative solutions.

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