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Some problems should be paid attention to in the selection of the outdoor playground

Number of visits: Date:2016年5月18日 17:24

Often there are many online customers asking us if we are the outdoor park manufacturer. Actually Naughty Fort Park can be sited easily, in generally, we recommend customers site Naughty Fort Park indoor venue. Naughty Fort Park business can be sited in the shopping malls, supermarkets, large community, kindergarten flow etc. More children, more places, this is conducive to the long-term business, supermarkets threshold is not demanding high expenses, generally, Naughty Fort Park is recommended to be site in these places. It is also a good choice, if there is a pedestrian street, a bustling street storefront nearby. If indoor venues are not suitable for the customer , outdoor can also be considered, outdoor venue can choose the flow of people is relatively large, such as a Regional Park District, a supermarket and shopping mall. In the operation of outdoor Naughty Fort Park, make sure to do the children's paradise protective measures, for example, consider to build support sheds, pay attention to do Naughty Fort Park equipment cleaning and maintenance work. Because these measures will make full use of Naughty Fort Park Equipment , achieve more long-term business and long-term benefit!

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