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Project in Maanshan

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Guangzhou Domerry Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional team in children's slide, water park, naughty Fort indoor, outdoor fitness equipment and inflatable bounce recreation equipment. With the development, design and sales of this kind of entertainment , children's recreation is becoming an emerging enterprises. Our company provides professional children's related recreation services to help naughty fort owner to manage thier business,  and we also provide installation, maintenance. Because Domerry provides customers with professional and thoughtful service and products, many customers in many different countries  would like to cooperate with us . We have so many wonderful projects around the world, such as we have project in Europe ,we have project in Africa and America, they are all successful examples. In a word, Domerry is an excellent children's recreation equipment manufacturer and we are strict with quality control in the production process. Since we want to ensure the use of environmentally friendly materials, and we own the technology to create high quality children's indoor play equipment. Trust Domerry, we will give you better choices.
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Address: Guangzhou City, Panyu District Shi Ji Zhen Sha chong Cun Sha Pu Road No. 5

Tel: 020-31168893