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est your site is suitable for children's Park, please enter the following 10 individual choices, out of 100 points
The first question: what kind of nature is the nature of your site?:
* Large shopping malls or real estate
  street shops
Second question: the size of your site is how much?:
* Below the 10000 party
  5000-1000 party
  1000-500 party
  the following 500 parties
Third question: the floor distribution of your site is?:
* 1 floor
  2 floor
  3 floor above
  negative floor
Fourth question: how much is the rent on your site?:
* No rent
  1 million in the following / month
  1-3 million / month
  more than 3 million / month
Fifth question: your local people's consumption level is what kind of situation?:
* High
Sixth question: what is the competition situation of your site in 3 kilometers?:
* Local competitors
  3 or more
Seventh questions: do you have to prepare the budget for the budget?:
* 100 million or more
  50-100 million
  20-50 million
  less than 20 million
Eighth question: what is the number of people in your area?:
* 100 million or more
  50-100 million
  10-50 million
  less than 10 million
Ninth question: which area do you plan to invest in?:
* City (1-3 line city)
Tenth question: what is your choice of the site surrounding environment?:
* Complete facilities (large area、large supermarkets、 kindergartens、 schools、parks、the surrounding busy market); for the children to focus on the high level of consumption
  Supporting facilities in general; for the children to focus on consumption
  Supporting facilities are few; for the children of the general consumer
  Basic facilities did not; for the low consumption of children
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